HTML (hypertext markup language) is very used markup language for the building the web pages. Currently we are using version 4.x of this great language. HTML 5 is the next revision of the HTML language that promises to change the the way we look at HTML. Google and Apple in particular is pushing it because it can really enhance the usability and possibilities of web development. Some of the coolest that would be part of this version:
  •  Video Tag: By tagging a video with < video >, you can embed a video straight through HTML. Because of this, you can really control the look and feel of the video.
  •  Audio Tag: The same thing as video, audio embedding becomes a lot easier.
  •  Time: The tag will help browsers recognize time in HTML pages. There’s also < meter > for numeric values.
  •  Drag and Drop: While there’s still wrangling on this point, with HTML 5 you will eventually be able to drag and drop files right on the browser.
  •  Local Storage: Web apps work just like desktop apps nowadays, except they can’t easily save work right to your computer. HTML 5 fixes that problem.
  •  Geo location: With HTML 5, you should be able to make web apps that can determine your location and provide you more relevant information. With the rise of location-based mobile services, this is important.
  •  Canvas: The canvas HTML element allows for scrip-table bitmaps. What that means is that you can create beautiful graphics or imagery on the fly within HTML, making the  interface of many web apps can become a lot more dynamic and richer.