Java Benefits The main benefits of using Java are:

  • Java is a Object Oriented Language, as such all feature and benefits for 00 can be leverage to write better code.
  • Java has wide spread adoption and support in the industry.  It was started by Sun and now taken over by Oracle.
  • Java has better portability than any other languages across the Operating System. JVM are available for almost all possible Operating systems from Linux, Unix, Sun, Mac etc. platforms.<!>
  • Java has built in support for muti-threading, sockets etc. along with vast API's for on every aspect of technology that is need to develop applications.
  • Java has automatic memory management, garbage collections , making development easier.
  • Java as language has been around for more than 10 years, and even now every release of Java brings out revisions to the language or to its API's.
  • Tons of open source and proprietary software solutions, libraries, engines etc. are available in Java support all development needs.
  • Java is almost suited for all sorts of applications for Web Based, to Distributed applications, Game Development, Embeded or Mobile Devices like Andriod etc. It suited for all sorts of enterprises (small/medium or large).
  • For companies its easier to find good Java skill set and like wise developers have a large number of jobs available.