Android Market ChangesMore changes are coming to Android Market that we have seen this year. One of the recent one that came in today is about supporting Native(Buyer's) currency for the payment of the purchased application. Up till now only USD was supported and a buyer from any country would see and pay the price in USD itself. Going forward that same buyer will see the price in his native currency e.g. If a customer is trying to purchase the application from Indian, the customer will see the price in INR (Indian Rupee) and will also pay in Indian INR (Indian Rupee). Now Google will convert this transaction that has been paid in the buyer currency to an equivalent amount in the Seller currency based on then exchange rate, so the payments can be made just like before. The main advantage is that now, the Seller(developer) can adjust the price of the application differently for each country depending on business need. Likewise the customer experience is better as they see and pay in native currency. This should help in increase the app download and sales.

This change goes in effect today. The developer would have to login into the Android Market Developer console and price their apps in all the supported Buyer currencies.<!>


On February 23, 2011, Android Market will automatically assign
Buyer’s Currency prices for your products if you have not manually set
prices in the Developer Console. Android Market assigns a price based on
the price of your app in your home currency, converted to each target
currency using the exchange rate on February 23, 2011. If you manually
set your per-currency prices, Android Market will not override them.
This is a one-time conversion associated with the transition to the new
Buyer’s Currency model.

Below is a screen shot of where the price changes need to be made per application one time.

Android Market App Pricing