Answer It is very common to start another project from an existing project instead of re-creating a new project from scratch. Or at times you decide to change the name of project as you found a better name for you app. In earlier version of XCode 3.x it was not easy to change the name of the project but with XCode 4.x changing project name is easy. Follow the simple steps.


  1.    Open the project
  2.    Go to Project Navigator
  3.    Highlight project name with clicking on it.
  4.    Do another Single click on project name and now it can be changed.
* XCode with analyze the project and present a confirmation dialog with all the files that will be renamed as part of the this rename.  Click on Rename and XCode will ask if Snapshot should be taken before the renaming of project is done. It is recommended to take a snapshot just in case something goes wrong, files can be restored via the snapshot. Then XCode will make all the changes and the project name will be changed. The following example screenshots showing how to change the Project name from LiveTraxs to Concert for a XCode project.


Xcode rename project

Step 2

Xcode rename project