Domain  OK, so you want to create a website? Or you have website but not sure why is not working for you? and so on.. Whether you are a beginner or not having success so far, you are in luck. This site will provided you step by step instructions in an easy format as how to do so effectively and quickly. All these steps and tips are result of extensive experience in this field. So read on..


Basic Steps for Website Creation

Getting right down to business, the following are the basic steps for creating a successful website. Please review each step carefully and compare with what you had in your mind.

Let's look into the details for each of these steps.

Target Icon Before you begin - This guide tries to asks you questions as why you want to create a website? what for? what to expect and more.

Target Icon Find a Niche -  A million dollar question. What is this niche and how to find it?

Target Icon Register a Domain Name - Having a own good domain name is every essential step of this create a website or blog, this guide walks you through the process of find a good name and how to finally register it.

Did you get it? Don't worry you are in good hands, continue on...