Android File Copy

Code named Ice Cream Sandwich is the upcoming release of Android 4.0 For sure you would have heard about it if not here is the scoop.

- Better support for Mutli Tasking, widgets can be resized, input from mice, joy sticks and gamepads. Also the devices can now act as USB hosts.<!>

-   Ice Cream Sandwich will merge Gingerbread (for phones) and Honeycomb (Tablet). So a single OS can run on both these devices just like Apple iOS.

-    Now you can control and monitor external devices with the Android Open Accessory Development Kit (ADK).

   - Likewise Android@Home is a new development platform for connecting Android devices to home appliances and other devices. So your phone can act as a remote and control your garage doors, fans, tv, music system etc.

-   Android Market is already updated with improved app discovery features. Along with that now the developers can also upload  multiple specialized APK for a single product as required.