We developers have a lot of ideas that can be turned in successful business given the right environment and guidance. It always has been a challenge to be able to find the right forum/people to discuss the idea and take it further.

What is AngelPad?

AngelPad is a mentorship program founded by a team of ex-Googlers to help web-technology startups build better products, attract additional funding and ultimately grow more successful businesses.

Your Idea

Your idea may be small or big, you need to get it validated by people who have done it in the past. So having a right mentor to guide you is very much essential. They help shake out ideas, help build a better product, help find an investor for ideas and more. Hence AnglePad like ventures is getting popular. Check out the video of the current session that happened last month very interesting to watch.  

If you are passionate about technology, have a great start-up concept, are driven and want to take it to the next step? It’s still time to apply to the next AngelPad session: Spring 2012 in San Francisco. They do accept late applications. Deadline: January 1, 2012.

You can follow AngelPad on via a newsletter or following on Twitter or Facebook.

I wish all developers the very best and hope they can convert their ideas on reality. If you have other suggest for funding for budding developer please leave a comment. Thanks.

For more details check out www.angelpad.org