Website Skills

Basically I assume the following about you skills and resources at you disposal to get started.

<!> Minimum

  • You have a basic knowledge of computers.
  • Have a good knowledge of written English or the language in you would write content.
  • Have a computer for you to work on.
  • Your computer can connected to Internet when needed to publish/mange content/site.
  • Know basic file management and are familiar with what ever Operating System (Windows, Linux, MAC etc.). has been installed in the computer.
  • Understand basic HTML tags, images etc.
  • You can spend 1-2 hours a day on this.


  • Good knowledge of HTML & some CSS.
  • Basic knowledge of any scripting language say PHP etc.
  • High Speed internet connectivity with Cable, DSL etc.
  • Have a decent dedicated computer for you to work on.
  • Know how of some Image editing software like Paint , GIMP, Photo-Shop etc.
  • You can spend 3-4 hours a day on this.


  • The drive to make it happen coupled with patience is key!

If these skills are not there, they should be learnt and mastered over time in order to successfully do daily site content addition, update and management job. They can be learn't over time and one can become better, but the drive to learn and make it happen is the key to success and that is something very difficult to acquire, to check within your self, if you already have it or is it hidden somewhere and with a push would show up. So self evaluate your self.