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How to run the JVM in 64bit?

The JDK  comes in both 32 bit and 64 bit flavors. 64 bit allows to address memory range > 3GB compared to 32 bit JVM’s. In order to run a JVM in 64 bit, add -d64 argument to the java command line in your shell script e.g. java_cmd_line=”java -d64 –Xms512m …

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How to select a JVM Analyzing Tool?

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A JVM monitoring tool also know as a Diagnostic might be needed to fine tune your Java application for performance, reduce memory footprint, avoid contention/deadlocking etc. As such selecting a right tool is very important. There are a number of commercial and open source software available today. We would try …

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What is Dynamic Class Loading In Java?

 The JVM creates ClassLoaders that loads the classes as required during program execution. In case of Dynamic class loading, a class is loaded programatically instructing the ClassLoader to load it via API. The JVM does not know to load this class as it not declared in the code instead the …

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What is Static Classloading in Java?

The JVM creates class loaders that loads the classes as required during program execution. Whenever a class that is declared with the new keyword in the code, that class will be statically loaded by the JVM and is referred to as Static Class Loading. In other words the JVM already …

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Understanding Java Shutdown Hook

Java Shutdown Hook

The JVM provides the capability to add Shutdown hooks at Runtime. This shutdown hooks can be used to perform any resource cleanup or save state as required just before the JVM shuts down either normally or abruptly. There can be more than one shutdown hooks that can be registered any …

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