HTML Formatter A tool to format or minify HTML documents.

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What is HTML Formatter ?

  • HTML Formatter is designed to format the input HTML document for improving the readability(Pretty Print) of the HTML document. Also, HTML Formatter can be used to compact the HTML document to reduce the size of the document.

Using the HTML Formatter Tool

Using this tool very straightforward, simply provide the HTML document (data) you like to convert format or compact and get the HTML document formatted or compacted with the press off a button.

Formatting a HTML Document

  • The HTML document can be provided in using any of the following ways:
    1. Paste the contents of the HTML document.
    2. Upload the HTML document from a file located in your computer.
    3. Load the HTML data from a remote location, specify the URL.
    4. For loading the test HTML document as input, press the "Load Sample" button.
  • Choose whether you like to Indent(Pretty Print) or Compact the HTML document.
  • For indentation, further select whether you like choose 2,3 or 4 spaces or like to use tab for indentation to align HTML nodes at each level.
  • Click the "Format" button to format the input HTML instantly.
  • That's it, simply download the encoded data "Download as File" to download or press on the "Copy to Clipboard" button.


  • For best formatting results, make sure the input HTML is valid.
  • Press "Reset" button select all the default tool options and clear the input.

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