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What is Bulk Password Generator?

The bulk password generator tool can be used to generate strong passwords or random data string up to 40 characters in length. This tool provides various customization options for creating password of desired strength. The data generated can be used for the passwords, for creating unique ids or guid, random data strings, pin strings etc. The use of such data depends on the need for your application. The datasets can be utilized as the input to the load testing tools and scripts for automation purposes.

Using the Bulk Password Generator Tool

Using this tool very straightforward.

  • Choose the type of characters to be included in the password e.g. lower case, A-Z, 0-9 etc.
  • Include one or more symbol character set to even make the password stronger.
  • Choose "Make All Unique" to make sure that all the generated passwords are unique.
  • The password can be exports into variety of formats for ease of use.
    • HTML
    • Plain Text.
    • JSON
    • XML
  • Select the desired length of the password.
  • Finally select the number of passwords to be generated.
  • In addition, you can download the generated passwords in your selected export format as well.
  • Press the "Re-Generate button" to re-generate the passwords again.
  • Press "Reset" button select all the default tool options.
  • That's it, simply copy individual password, or click Download as File to save all the generated password as the file.






    "passwords": [


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