Core Animation based on Quartz provides very simple ways to create special effects in your game or application.

The following shows how to create a Pulse Effect of any UIView (e.g. UIButtonView, UIImageView etc.)


    +(void)pulse:(UIView*)view toSize: (float) value withDuration:(float) duration
        CABasicAnimation *pulseAnimation = [CABasicAnimation animationWithKeyPath:@"transform.scale"];
        pulseAnimation.duration = duration;
        pulseAnimation.toValue = [NSNumber numberWithFloat:value];;
        pulseAnimation.timingFunction = [CAMediaTimingFunction functionWithName:kCAMediaTimingFunctionEaseInEaseOut];
        pulseAnimation.autoreverses = YES;
        pulseAnimation.repeatCount = FLT_MAX;
        [view.layer addAnimation:pulseAnimation forKey:nil];