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What are the features of Spring Framework?

Spring Framework Benefits

The Spring Framework is very successful framework used in  the Enterprise development today and has matured over the years. The Spring Framework provides a lot of features, at a very high level , the following are a few of those.

  • Spring Provides Better Leverage.
  • Spring Enables POJO Programming.
  • Dependency Injection Helps Testability.
  • Inversion of Control Simplifies tasks like JDBC.
  • Spring’s Community Thrives, better support , documentation etc.
  • Spring provides consistent & simple programming model making it an ideal architectural “glue.”
  • Spring provides alternative or improvements for Enterprise components like JTA,JMS, Email etc.
  • Spring provides API abstraction , allowing to change the underlying implementation if needed.
  • Spring provides loose integration with a variety of technologies out of the box
  • Support for Programmatic or XML based or Annotation based configuration.
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