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What are the various utilities provided by JDK?

The following are the command line utilities provided with the Sun JDK.

  • javac The Java compiler. Converts Java source code into bytecodes.
  • java     The Java interpreter. Executes Java application bytecodes directly from class files.
  • appletviewer     A Java interpreter that executes Java applet classes hosted by HTML files.
  • javadoc     Creates HTML documentation based on Java source code and the comments it contains.
  • rmic     Creates class files that support Remote Method Invocation (RMI).
  • rmiregistry     Registry used to gain access to RMI objects on a specific machine.
  • rmid     Activation system daemon for RMI object registration and activation.
  • native2ascii     Special program used to convert between standard Latin-1 Unicode characters and other international encoding schemes.
  • jar     Java Archive (JAR) file generator. JAR files allow multiple Java classes and resources to be distributed in one compressed file.
  • keytool     Used for security key generation and management.
  • jarsigner     Implements digital signing of JAR and class files. Allows applets to be certified by trusted authorities.
  • policytool     Allows user-installation-level security policy configuration.

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