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What is your website worth?

Website Worth checkerHave you ever wondered how much is your website worth? Probably not so far. Here is a cool script JavaScript that you add to your website to display your website worth in $. Lets see how your site worth is estimated by this tool.


Website Worth EstimateClick Here to Launch the Tool

You will see a text box saying URL enter your website name there.<!>

Check how much your website is worth?

Then click on the button “Check” and it would come back with an Image displaying your website’s worth something like this as shown below.

Website Worth Check Tool

If you look down, there would be a text area with the some Javascript code. You can copy this and add to your website.

JavaScript to display website Worth

Factors that decide Worth  of a Website

There are lot of factors than can decide your website worth like

  • Total PageView per month
  • Website Niche
  • Back links
  • No. of Visitors

and lot more… Not sure what all factors are being used by this service but is interesting too see how much does it think your website is worth. So go ahead and try it out. If you like the worthLaughing, add the Javascript to your website to show it off, after all you have worked hard to get there.[pb_builder]

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